Information GeoComplexity

The world of the 21st century is increasingly complex and fraught with risk.  Threats from geopolitical activity, national security, artificial intelligence, data security, financial crises, climate change, biological threats, natural and man-made disasters, among others. are seemingly daily occurrences.  As a result, decision making in the face of such uncertainty can be paralyzing to individuals and corporations alike.

At Atlas Research Innovations, we partner with an experienced team of global leaders across a variety of disciplines to take an alternative approach towards  complexity and risk.  Our approach attempts to change the conversation from one of risk and ruin to one of clarity and opportunity.



GeoFinance & Industrial Ecology

Today’s economic world is complex.  Understanding this increasingly complex world requires a new lens, allowing for the separation of signal from noise.  We utilize cutting-edge scientific and analytical techniques to identify useful data embedded within this complexity, leading to unique insights which span the economic and scientific landscape.

Most of our projects emphasize global agricultural, material and energy commodities, and the associated physical, digital and environmental infrastructure.

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Applied Science & Technology

At Atlas Research Innovations, we believe that advances in science and technology comprise the cornerstone in global commerce.  However, we also believe that the full potential associated with these advances will not be realized unless they are integrated into global markets.  We seek to marry these two domains through the generation of data-driven ideas and insights, encouraging innovation and equitable participation.

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Informatics, Systems & Risk

When viewing global economic activity and risk through a GeoFinance/IE lens, we do not have to look far to grasp the precarious nature of 21st century global supply chains.  Most view risk as a threat – we take an alternative approach to risk by using a framework which identifies opportunity where others see a liability.

Atlas projects leverage alternative data, quantitative analysis and a holistic macro view to better understand complex physical and financial systems.

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