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Satellite Applications to the Energy Industry. Space 2.0 Summit, Silicon Valley, Milpitas, CA, April 2017Location, Weather and the Internet of Things. Big Data Innovation Summit. San Francisco, CA. April 2017

Advances in Data Analytics and global Agricultural Sustainability. National Center for Atmospheric Research. Boulder, CO. March 2017

​Next Generation Predictive Analytics. Predictive Analytics Summit. San Diego, CA. March 2017

Big Data, Predictive Analytics and IoT. CYPHER2016 India Analytics Summit. Bangalore, India. September 2016

Predicting Market Behavior from Geospatial Data. Space 2.0 Summit, Silicon Valley, Milpitas, CA, April 2016

Supply Chain Risk and Sustainability.  The Wharton School/University of Pennsylvania, Wharton Initiative for Global Environmental Leadership. Philadelphia, November 2015

FUEL: Feeding the World at Scale in 2050.  Solve@MIT, Cambridge, MA, October 2015

Weather Means Business. WeatherGeeks (The Weather Channel). Episode air date: July 26, 2015.

Climate Analytics and Commodity Risk Management.  ICRISAT, Hyderabad, India, May 2015.

Big Data and Climate Informatics.  SugarAsia 2015.  New Delhi, May 2015.

From Local to Global: How Do We Think and Feel About Scale?  At: ReThink Food. The Culinary Institute of America, St. Helena, CA. November 2014.

Commercial Sector Utilization of Advancements in Weather/Climate Informatics. University Corporation for Atmospheric Research. Boulder, CO, October 2014.

Global Climate and Agriculture Risk. Future Farm/Agricultural Investment Summit. Singapore, October 2012

Weather, Climate and the World Sugar Market. SugarAsia. Bangkok, Thailand, May 2012

Climate Science and Big Data. American Institute of Engineers Big Data Conference. Arlington, VA, May 2012

Weather Impacts on Agricultural Commodities, 2011. American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting. New Orleans, January 2012

Atmospheric Analytics. Strata/O’Reilly Media. New York, September 2011

Climate and Global Commodities. Standard Chartered Client Commodity Conference. Hong Kong, June 2011

Personalized Weather: Startup Showcase at Strata Conference, presented by O’Reilly Media. Santa Clara, CA, February 2011

Hydrologic Forecasting for the Alternative Energy Industry. American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting. Seattle, January 2011

Weather, Climate and Global Food Supply: 2010 Summary. American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting. Seattle, January 2011

Global Climate and Sugar Production.  AICA Annual Sugar Confernece.  Guatemala City, Guatemala, May 2010

Climate and Agriculture.  Syngenta Roundtable.  Basel, Switzerland, March 2010

Climate and Food Security.  Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations seminar.  Geneva, Switzerland, March 2010

Climate and the Global Agricultural Supply Chain. American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting. Atlanta, January 2010

Climate and Food Security. University of Colorado Natural Hazards Annual Conference. Boulder, July 2009

Climate Patterns and Threats to Agriculture. SugarAsia09. New Delhi, India, July 2009

Exploring Relationships between Weather and Agricultural Commodities. Africa International Soft Commodities Conference, London, April 2009

US Weather Expectations for the 2009 Grains Complex. Bloomberg Agricultural Commodities Seminar. New York, March 2009

Weather and 2008/09 Sugar Production. SugarAsia08, New Delhi, India, July 2008

New Developments in Long Range Weather Forecasting. Weather Risk Management Association Annual Meeting. Miami, June 2008

Global Weather Visualization: Utilizing Sensor Networks to Monetize Realtime Data. Where 2.0/O’Reilly Media. San Francisco, May 2008

Do Something About the Weather. Money:Tech 2008/O’Reilly Media. New York, February 2008

Extending the Definition of Biogeochemical and Ecophysiological Provinces using Physical Climatology and Biophysical Remote Sensing. Genomes, Medicine and the Environment, Hilton Head, October 2007

Global Climatologically Referenced Spatial Biogeochemical Provinces – A Study of the Atlantic Basin. Metagenomics 2007. UCSD, San Diego, July 2007

Synthetic Biology and Global Climatology – The Future of the Grand BioGeoChemical Cycles. Genomes, Medicine and the Environment. Hilton Head, October 2006

Circumpolar Remote Sensing Applications and the Implications for US Agriculture. 9th Bi-Annual Circumpolar Remote Sensing Symposium, Seward, Alaska, May 2006

Applied Biometeorology – Utilizing Atmospheric Data Towards the Advancement of Environmental Genomics. Seminar at the J. Craig Venter Institute. Rockville, MD, January 2006

Applied Aerobiology: Utilizing Remote Sensing and Atmospheric Data towards the Advancement of Urban Air Genomics. Genomes, Medicine and the Environment conference. Hilton Head, October 2005

Climate Change and Human Health. Rutgers University Climate Science Symposium. New Brunswick, NJ, March 2004

Climate Trends in West Africa. USGS/FEWS annual conference, Sioux Falls, SD, September 2003.

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WeatherGeeks, The Weather Channel
Weather Brains
CNBC Fast Money, Agricultural Commodities discussions
Energy Central Forums – US Hurricane Seasonal Outlooks
O’Reilly Conferences
Bloomberg Investor Forums
Talk Radio (WHYY, WAEB), weather & commerce discussions
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Technical/White Papers

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