2019 Columbia Global Energy Summit- afternoon

2019 Columbia Global Energy Summit – notable afternoon highlights

  • Afternoon research/solutions session: panel jumps right into climate risk: uncertainty, tail risk, etc
  • Uncertainty works in both directions
  • v. good discussion on science, in the age of models. (we don’t know how much we don’t know)
  • journalists should be accountable re: how they represent the truth
  • Energy, Climate, etc. – important AND inherently interesting problems
  • …role of investors, EM, technology funding
  • again, panel highlights the POV of engineers/practitioners…

  • Geopolitics session: Bordoff – What does US energy activity mean for the rest of the world?
  • scarcity -> abundance shift. benefits expand beyond balance sheets, S/D, etc,…structural change in how markets work
  • O’Sullivan poses Q: Is the US going to be tempted to continue to use energy as a geopolitical tool (A: yes)
  • O’Sullivan also touches upon energy and political decentralization. hints of connectography via Parag Khanna
  • flows into/out of regions, less emphasis on single country origin (similar to agri)


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