2019 Columbia Global Energy Summit- morning

2019 Columbia Global Energy Summit – notable morning highlights

  • EV: 2% of global auto sales last year.  C.Zoi suggests this will change dramatically over next 5-10 yrs; here outlook is a function of demand for charging stations (EVgo).
  • Steingart: promising chemistry re: batteries – NiCo, graphite, graphite/Si, pureLi
  • Refreshing to hear a politician talk sense re: Green New Deal, Jay Inslee governor of WA
  • Inslee raised several good points wrt both science & market potential, although I don’t think he was supportive enough re: nuclear
  • EM panel: timely -discussion of Belt&Road Initiative.  (next paper…BRI/sustainability)
  • can’t underestimate impact of China.  (2+26…is it working?)
  • discussion in India: air pollution as a proxy of economic health? innovation? clean air driver for energy transition.  price & affordability biggest issues…can it be met w clean nrg? linking needs of poor to clean nrg transition US (unsurprisingly) does not understand disparities
  • As expected, emerging market panel most interesting. usually the case when practitioners driving discussion
  • Chatterjee: power-sector emissions at 1990 levels, market-driven (fact check)
  • later than I expected. AI (& blockchain) first mentioned at 11:33 (Goldman)
  • Low carbon transition panel (starting to) scratch the surface in innovation and trade

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